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Since its inception, Ayesha Joshi & Associates has always taken pride in the long standing relationships with its clients.

And how it delivers an intuitive 'Sales-Person' like perspective to Marketing endeavors.


Client Testimonials

See what our clients have to say about our latest offering! One-on-Team Strategy Call Services.

Link to schedule your call with us is in the 'Services' section of the website - book now!

Ayesha has a superpower for turning good ideas into powerful brands. This includes the ability to FOCUS on the core message and avoid the distractions that derail customer attention. We accomplished more on one call than I would have in a week working on my own and I walked away with clear, actionable next steps!

Joe Albano


The story behind the name..

HEADSHOT 1 - Ayesha.jpeg

Ayesha has worked in several sectors/industries, and has developed a foray of different skills from working with various departments or levels within each company - however she was constantly drawn towards the marketing and sales departments within each of those companies and industries.

This led to the beginnings of Ayesha Joshi & Associates. It was formed with the pure purpose of sharing her understanding of marketing, lead generation, as well as customer mindset - while making Strategic Marketing & Performance Marketing (Google ads, social media ads etc.) more understandable and ace-able to businesses.
Being the people-centric, sales-experienced person she is - the direction of this company and her life, was inevitable.

Ayesha Anne Marie Joshi

Founder & CEO

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